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Follow through is the most important thing you need to do to make money online!!! We can’t express this enough. The biggest mistake people make is signing up for a program such as this one and instead of following through they start looking around for something else to join. You will never make money just signing up for programs. THE MONEY IS IN THE FOLLOW THROUGH!!! 

 Save this! It is your login link: http://weblistpros.com/wp-login.php

DO THIS FIRST STEP #1 IMMEDIATELY – One of the first things you “MUST” do to “Get Paid” is fill out your profile completely. Name address, phone etc. Hover over your name in the top right corner of the site and click “Edit My Profile.” Then fully update your profile.

After updating your profile information click on the button at the bottom of the page that says: Update Profile. Then log out up in the right hand corner and log back in for it to save the changes.

 DO THIS SECOND STEP #2 IMMEDIATELY – When you log back in it will bring you right back here to your dashboard. Then the very next thing you need to do is to set up your Weekly Autopilot Income Autoresponder.

Click the link directly below and just follow the easy-to-follow directions.

SET UP YOUR AUTORESPONDER: Autoresponder set up.

COPYING OUR EMAILS: Autoresponder set up click this link.

Once you set up your autoresponder and emails we need the following information from you to build your Weekly Autopilot Income Personalized website.

Send us the following information.

Note – if you already have an active TCP account you can still use our system.

#1. Your first name and last name.
#2. Your ConversionPros user name.
#3. Your “CORRECT” login details for ConversionPros (user name and password).
#4. Your GML affiliate link.

 Subject line: Please build my Weekly Autopilot Income Personalized website.

 Send your email to: admin@weeklyautopilotincome.com

SPECIAL BONUS!! Here is the Top 10 List Building Methods you can also use to promote your Weekly Autopilot Income business.

To go to the Top 10 List Building Methods click this link 

NOTE – You can also go through and access your entire Weekly Autopilot Income back office by clicking on the links next to the corresponding numbers below if you prefer.


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 Maximizing Your Profits

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