Frequently Asked Questions

Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions

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Q.  When do I start receiving my information on how to start building my list?

A. As soon as you pay for your Weekly Autopilot Income Membership Subscription.

Q.  Is the list I’m building using the Weekly Autopilot Income system my own list or is it the company’s list?

A. The list you are building is your own personal list. In fact, besides providing you with your very own personalized website to help you build your list, the company is also showing you how to build and continually grow your own list.

Q.  Does the company share information on where to advertise?

A. Yes, the company shares the Top 10 List Building Methods in the Weekly Autopilot Income members area.

Q.  How are commissions paid?

A. Commissions are paid from the “Autoresponder” site and also the “List Building” site. They use mostly PayPal to pay all commissions.

Q.  Can a member purchase more than one Weekly Autopilot Income system membership?

A. Yes. But to purchase more than one membership you must use a different email address for each membership.

Q.  Why would I want to purchase more than one Weekly Autopilot Income membership?

A. You might want 1 for you, 1 for your business, 1 for your spouse, 1 for your favorite charity etc. Remember, your earning potential is the same for each membership.

Q.  Do I need a PayPal account?

A. Yes to purchase a Weekly Autopilot Income system membership you need to get a PayPal account.

Q.  Can anyone purchase a membership?

A. Yes, the company is worldwide and everyone is welcome.

Q.  Can I purchase a membership using Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency?

A. No, at this time the cryptocurrency markets are too unstable for the company to accept cryptocurrencies.

Q.  Will there be any updates?

A. Yes, there will be updates to keep all of the members fully up to date on what’s going on. So be sure your contact information in your Weekly Autopilot Income back office in the members area is up to date and current.

Q.  I understand that the products are my Weekly Autopilot Income system and learning how to build a list. But, do I have to learn how to build a list if I don’t want to or if I don’t have the time?

A. No, even though it is usually a top priority and tremendously beneficial for most people who are online trying to make money. That’s what you are partially paying for with your membership, however, you are not required to learn how to build a list. You can also just go at your own pace. There are no set times.

Q. So … can I actually do this?

A. Yes … Because we show you how to “COPY” and do “EXACTLY” what we do.

Q. How do I join and purchase my membership?

A. Go back to the member’s Weekly Autopilot Income website or email that invited you and click on the “Get Started” button on their page.

If you are a member you can click here #1 to return to the dashboard.

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